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I see myself as an all-kind of tech addict with a huge thirst for knowledge. Innovation, engineering and technology are all awesome things I like following and discussing regardless if it's space rockets or plain computer hardware.

I am always on the lookout for new new things and ways to learn as one can never be fully learned.


Operation manager, senior technical advisor, project manager and engineer, service and installation engineer are all just some of the positions I have managed during my professional work life.

Great things have been achived and many projects and products have been managed and invented all around our world mainly in the marine world but also on land.


SDR, DX, Wi-Fi, RPi, ILDA, MX etc ...

Many are the acronyms but all have the common thing that they are technology close to my heart.


Full time horologist and amateurwatch maker.

Collecting watches for some year now and also slowly starting to get an understading on how the internals are working.


Have traveled and visited some countries in our world and have during almost each longer trip I made keept some sort of journal.

My profession of work have and still is keeping me on the moove and I do from time to time still fly out on some small work trips but the longer o....


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